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The Littlest Community Farm

Updated: Jun 11

Have you seen our Dramatic Centre at The North Grove?  It's a magical space in our playroom that always sparks imagination and interaction among our young learners. Each month, our Child Development Team puts together new designs to keep the excitement alive. Recent favorites have included a construction site, an Asian fusion restaurant, and a vet clinic!  


Most recently the Dramatic Centre was transformed into a smaller version of The North Grove’s own community farm! Complete with farm rows, community plots, and chickens – this enchanting space is helping children make real-life connections, just as we kick off our farm season.  

“We were torn between a Flower Shop and a Garden Centre.  We had so many ideas that we wanted to include with each of those designs, and finally it clicked – we should do the community farm!” said Child Development Coordinator, Maryann. 


The play materials represent real-life objects that children may not have encountered or used before. Many of the play materials have been collected over the years, and others, like the felt vegetables, are handmade by the Child Development team.  

The children love collecting eggs from the chicken coop, harvesting vegetables, and putting them into baskets. 

“We want the children to be able to make connections to real life. Bringing in elements from the real community farm creates familiarity. That way, when they do go outside and recognize things like the bug hotel, and the “pick me” signs, they will feel more comfortable and may want to explore more.” said Yuki, Early Childhood Educator. 

The space around us can help children develop their language skills. Small amounts of text on signs and the gardening journal provide a great opportunity for learning new words and introducing new topics. Our wonderful Child Development team uses every little opportunity to help children grow! 

In addition to the thoughtfully chosen play materials there are even some real-life objects woven in to the space. 


“We have a real wasp nest (dried and wasp-free, of course) included in the space that was given to us. We have also added some real plants – we are growing some lentil sprouts.” said Maryann. 

The gardener’s basket is filled with real seed packages. One of the little ones opted to open them up and scatter them on the garden rows. They knew exactly where to plant them! A technique that they learned from an adult? Or maybe a book?  


“Children are so interesting. It is incredible to observe the connections they make.” said Yuki.  


Just as it is represented here in the Dramatic Centre, The North Grove’s Community Farm is an urban oasis and hive of outdoor activity. It is a place to grow, connect, and belong for community members of all ages. 

You can help us get growing this season! Your support provides thousands of pounds of fresh food to community members and a welcoming space for all the community’s summer pastimes.


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