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Sam’s story: “It feels like a community”

Sam has volunteered in our kitchen for three years, supporting food skills programs, our Good Food Market and community kitchen. When we had to switch to take-home meals, Sam immediately volunteered to help, she brings her vibrant, friendly energy to every single volunteer shift.

Preparing and distributing healthy take-home meals is one of the most important ways The North Grove supported community members during the pandemic.

Sam enjoys distributing take-home meals because she gets to chat with so many people. Other community members recognize her now and they have great conversations. Sam talks about how powerful it is to be part of The North Grove’s positive impact in the community.

“Out of all the places I have volunteered, I think The North Grove is my number one favorite place, just because you get to see the impact in the people that come.”

Volunteering also gives Sam opportunities to socialize and engage with new people, something that was especially missing during the first couple years of the pandemic. Sam was working and studying online, so volunteering became one of her few ways to be outside and meet people. She is so happy to have found such warmth and strong connections at the center.

“When I come to The North Grove, it feels like a community, I can have friendships and relationships with’s just so comforting.”

Sam has developed her organizational and interpersonal skills through this volunteer program. She is now applying these skills in her new job as a legal assistant in a Dartmouth law office. Our volunteer program provided Sam with a positive reference to support her application for the job and we are so glad that she got it! We offer references to all our volunteers who are applying for work or school. Sam encourages those looking to volunteer to join the North Grove. "It is a vital resource in the community and needs to continue to exist and expand."


Volunteers are the heart of The North Grove. You make our programs possible: helping with everything from food prep and clean-up to helping out on the farm, child development and more.



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