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Rebecca’s Story: It’s about so much more than food

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

“I love cooking for people I care about.”

Rebecca was encouraged to volunteer at The North Grove when she was studying to become a dietitian. Initially she thought volunteering here was all about food, but as she became more involved, she saw that it’s about so much more! The North Grove community is about connection, friendship, family and really just supporting each other. Rebecca has now volunteered in many programs including Family Playgroup, the Good Food Market, Community Meals and Food Skills programs like Young Cooks and Young Farmers.

“It's a safe space. It's an open space.”

Rebecca likes how programs at The North Grove are interconnected. One time she recalls volunteering in Food and Families where a recipe was shared and demonstrated. When she went to help in the market the next day, she heard some of the participants talking about the same recipe and purchasing ingredients to make it. Rebecca is also inspired by The North Grove’s holistic approach to social issues.

One of Rebecca’s special moments happened last summer when she attended a volunteer appreciation event. It brought so much joy to her and lots of warmth into the space; it was the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic struck that Rebecca was getting to see other volunteers. She encourages folks who are looking for a place to volunteer to join her at The North Grove – it's a great place to be!


Volunteers are the heart of The North Grove. You make our programs possible: Everything from food prep and clean-up to working on the farm, child development and more.



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