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Phase 5 at The North Grove

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Effective Thursday, November 18th The North Grove will adopt Phase 5 rules as set out by public health.

The North Grove will continue to serve both vaccinated and unvaccinated community members. Proof of Vaccination will be required for some, but not all programs.

Participants do not need proof of vaccination for:
  • take-home meals

  • the Good Food Market

  • parenting home visits that take place at The North Grove or in a public space

  • Community Action Office or partner organization appointments

  • tending a Community Garden Plot 

  • front desk services (Community Trading Cupboard, faxing/photocopying) 

Food and drink will not be served at these programs and social distance will be maintained.

Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination QR code and personal ID will be required for:
  • all registered programs, inside and outside 

  • all in-home visits (all household members must be vaccinated)

Children, who are not eligible to be vaccinated, can still participate in registered programs.

Health, safety and accessibility are our top priorities:
  • Masks will continue to be worn indoors, and will be required outdoors when social distancing cannot be maintained.

  • Hand sanitization will continue.

  • Individual COVID screening will be replaced with program sign-in for contact tracing.

  • Vaccination clinics at The North Grove and printing and laminating proof of vaccination will continue.


Frequently Asked Questions about Phase 5 at The North Grove:

Do I have to wear a mask in programs?

Yes. Masks are required when attending all indoor programs at The North Grove and in outdoor programs where you can’t social distance.

What about social distancing?

Please maintain social distance in programs where proof of vaccination is not required. Fully vaccinated program participants are not required to social distance, but public health recommends doing so wherever possible.

What will I need for proof of vaccination?

Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination QR code with matching personal ID is required for anyone age 12 or older to attend registered programs. You will only need to provide this once.

Can I eat during programs?

You can eat, while seated, during registered programs. Children who are not eligible for vaccination will maintain social distance while eating.

My child is too young to be vaccinated. Can we still come to registered programs?

Yes, children who are not eligible for vaccination can still come to registered programs as long as the adults with them are fully vaccinated.

When are Community Meals starting again?

We are continuing to offer take home meals for the time being, while we explore ways to share larger group meals together safely.

What if I have a medical exemption?

Please bring in the medical exemption letter provided by your nurse practitioner or doctor.

This information is also available as a printed handout and is posted in the window at The North Grove. If you have any questions please get in touch by calling us at 902-464-8234 ext. 0 or email


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