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Lorraine’s Story: Participant, Volunteer, and Friend

It was Lorraine’s first day back in The North Grove after months away. She was glowing from the joy of being back and seeing everyone again and had already participated in two programs.

“I feel safe, appreciated, and respected at The North Grove. Really safe. I know I can turn to my friends in the programs or a facilitator. I pretty much know everyone over there.”

Lorraine is a vibrant participant in The North Grove community. As a retiree and former Personal Care Worker, she brings so much energy, experience and care to The North Grove Community. She is a regular at ‘Catch up with Coffee’, Food Demos, and the Good Food Market. Lorraine is also one of the 95% of participants who kept in touch with their North Grove friends during the pandemic.

“I have met a lot of people through The North Grove that I have connected with. We have common interests. Even today being at Catch up with Coffee. It was so interesting to hear other people’s perspective on things...A lot of people have the same problems as me.”

Lorraine also volunteers in the Chop & Chat program where folks spend an hour connecting with each other and preparing vegetables for Community Meals and the Good Food Market.

Out of all the programs though, Lorraine’s favourite is the Good Food Market. “I love knowing that you can buy fresh vegetables that aren't going to cost an arm and leg. And the people, the people are so wonderful. There’s laughter and there’s jokes. There are people who seem to really care about each other.”

The North Grove’s hub model makes it a safe place to connect with other available resources as they become needed. "My mental health has deteriorated with COVID-19...Knowing that supports are available is so comforting.” She talks about how much she values the support from partner organizations at The North Grove, specifically the Mental Health and Addictions support with Cory from the NS Health Authority.

Lorraine is a wonderful champion of The North Grove. She puts up our monthly program calendar on her apartment’s bulletin board, and is eager to share The North Grove’s programs with her adult son and husband too. It is such a joy to have Lorraine in The North Grove community.


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