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Kristin, David, and Jake’s Story: Commitment, Connection, and Community

Before they became parents, Kristin and David would stop by The North Grove for drop-in programs from time to time. But when their son Jake arrived, they needed more support to face the challenges that come with parenting.

Kristin and David turned to The North Grove’s Parenting Journey Home Visiting Program for support and found an incredible resource and valuable ally in their home visitor Andrea. “I have a hard time trusting people on a good day and when times get tough it's hard to know who to trust and Andrea is one of the only people I do trust.”

Through their connection with Andrea and their commitment to Jake, they began going to playgroups as a family and attending parenting workshops. Jake gets to play and socialize in the programs and drive his little red car in the Childrens’ Discovery Garden.

“Being a part of The North Grove has brought our little family a lot closer to the community. It's given us a safe place to work, play or to just relax (or to eat!)”

This spring the family planted two garden plots at The North Grove where they grow veggies and herbs. Kristin has always wanted to garden but didn’t know where to start. Now she is drying her own herbs for seasoning and herbal teas!

When asked, Jake says his favourite part of being at The North Grove is “helping mom with her garden.” Jake also loves to help Kristin pick up litter. They started by cleaning up around The North Grove but now they go all over the neighbourhood.

“We just love being there, we love the space. We can usually be found outside every day, checking on our garden plots, playing in the secret garden. We sometimes hang out there to play cards and play music. It feels like its own little community.”

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