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Ten tips to help prepare your child for school

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

Sending your child off to school is such an exciting step but is also a big change to navigate! Here are our top ten strategies to help prepare your child for school.

1. Talk to your child about school and what the typical day will look like and how they are feeling. Reassure them that all feelings are ok and normal.

2. Help your child develop their independence by getting them to hang up their coat, put their dirty clothes in the hamper etc.

3. Establish and maintain a regular morning routine. In the last week leading up to school, getting up at the same time every day, getting dressed and eating breakfast together is a great way to transition to school.

Get to know your child's teacher and principal and maintain an open dialogue with them. This gets everyone on the same page and fosters teamwork and involvement.

4. Label everything! It is inevitable that your child will misplace something at school, having things labeled will help you.

5. Provide things that they can manage independently such as, Velcro shoes, elastic waistband pants and easily opened containers.

6. Have patience. The first few weeks of school can be tiring and stressful

your child may be a little apprehensive or moody. This is normal, hang in there!

7. Be sure to provide lots of life skills practice. If they are going to be opening baggies and containers at lunch, provide them with the opportunity to practice before hand.

8. Make learning fun! If you want to practice academic skills at home incorporate it in your play and during your daily routine. A walk in the community is the perfect opportunity to look for colors, shapes or letters.

9. Prepare them for being away from you. The book the “Kissing Hand” is a wonderful book to share with your child about a child leaving their parent to go to school.

10. Be excited for them!! Your child gets their cues about things from you. So it is extremely important that you project this as a happy, exciting time.

Make sure you send us your first-day-of-school photos! If you have any questions, please feel free to connect with Sonja at


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