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From The North Grove's Kitchen: Crispy Mushroom Egg Roll with Salad

This week in Food Demo we made Crispy Mushroom Egg Rolls adapted from Nadiya Hussain's Egg Roll recipe. Try serving them with a fresh salad and an Italian Sweet and Sour Dressing.

Crispy Mushroom Egg Roll

Makes: 1 serving

Roll Ingredients:

  • 2 Tablespoons vegetable oil

  • 2 fresh mushrooms, thinly sliced (optional)

  • 2 Tablespoons green onions, thinly sliced (optional)

  • 2 large eggs

  • Pinch of salt and pepper

  • 1/8 to ¼ teaspoon garlic powder

  • ¼ cup cheese of your choice ex. feta, cheddar, mozzarella

  • 1-8 inch wheat tortilla wrap

  • Sprinkling of dried herbs ex. Italian seasoning or parsley (optional)


1. Crack the eggs into a small bowl and add salt, pepper and garlic powder and whisk.

2. Place a medium sized non- stick frying pan over medium/high heat and add oil. Once oil is hot add the egg mixture, the eggs should sizzle, then sprinkle the eggs with the mushroom and onion mixture, then the cheese, then immediately the tortilla.

3. Using a plastic spatula or large spoon press the tortilla down to allow the eggs to stick to the tortilla evenly. Reduce heat slightly and allow to cook for a minute or so until the egg has come together and glued itself to the tortilla. Carefully flip over and let cook on the other side until everything heats through and the tortilla turns golden brown.

4. Take pan off heat and transfer tortilla/egg to plate and roll the whole thing up when cool enough to handle. Cut in half and serve as is, with salsa and sour cream or a salad!

Italian Sweet and Sour Dressing

Makes: 1 cup

Salad Dressing Ingredients:

  • ½ cup vegetable oil

  • 1/3 cup apple cider vinegar

  • 1 garlic clove, peeled and grated OR 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder

  • 1 Tablespoon white sugar OR honey

  • ¼ teaspoon salt

  • ½ teaspoon celery salt

  • ½ teaspoon pepper

  • ½ teaspoon Worcestershire sauce

  • ¼ teaspoon red pepper flakes

  • ½ teaspoon dry mustard


1. Place all ingredients in a jar and shake. Taste and adjust seasoning.

If you want to share any photos of your cooking or have any questions please feel free to get in touch with Melissa at


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