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Doug’s Story: From Passer-by to Community Gardener

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

“I get to meet a lot of people at The North Grove and hear their thoughts about gardening and share gardening tips.”

You may recognize Doug from his work at Alderney Landing, his many volunteer roles with the IWK, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Halifax International Tattoo, Blue Nose Marathon, Halifax Buskers Festival, and Natal Day, or from his 2020 run for city council, but did you know he is also an avid gardener?

Doug has been gardening at The North Grove for almost four years and he first got involved as a curious passer-by. “I was seeing stuff happen I said ‘I’m going to look into it, see what it’s all about! I was always curious to see how stuff would grow so I tried it.”

Doug started gardening with just half a plot and now his full plot is bursting with green peppers, carrots, lettuce, peas, onions, cucumber, squash, turnips, and yellow beans. He’s even taking care of an extra garden plot for a community member who is in the hospital, and he has a balcony garden at home.

Doug talks about how great it is to share tips with other gardeners; “I’ve learned how to set your garden up, the dates and times stuff can go in the ground, and what’s the right way to water plants.” Now, as a seasoned North Grove Garden Plotter, Doug offers advice and support to other first-time gardeners!


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Doug was excited to share these photos that he has taken of his garden:


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