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Pat’s Story: Monthly contributions make a world of change

“As I watch the progress of The North Grove, it takes my breath’s world-changing kind of stuff.”

Pat is a long-time supporter of The North Grove, who got involved when the Community Food Centre was being built, and has been a monthly donor for more than three years.

“I still get a tingle when I remember first hearing about The North Grove, it was when you were just starting work on the Community Food Centre. I thought ‘This is it. This is exactly what we need to do.’"

After a few years of donating sporadically to The North Grove, Pat shifted to making a monthly commitment. “I like to know that the charity I am supporting has a regular dependable income. Monthly giving also allows me to give more within my budget, and to feel that consistent connection to the charity. You get that good donor feeling every month instead of once a year!"

Pat and her partner raised their three kids in Dartmouth North and have a deep connection to the community. Although her children are all grown up, the family would drive past The North Grove’s Community Farm frequently last year to watch it grow.

“The things that are happening here as far as let’s make food together, let's make a garden together are so practical, so real, and so active.”

Monthly donors like Pat provide consistent support that is critical for The North Grove to plan ahead and keep growing. Join our community of monthly supporters today.



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