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Courtney’s Story: Cooking with Love, Contributing with Heart

Courtney loves to cook and feed people; “Food is my love language.” It’s no wonder she has found a perfect fit for her passion at The North Grove, where we love to gather around food and friendship!

Before the pandemic, Courtney was a regular volunteer at our family suppers, where she quickly connected with the big-hearted North Grove community.

“I love that community feel in the North End. Everyone is always looking out for each other. Everyone is like a family.”

During her volunteer shifts Courtney saw how people rallied together to support one another, and she learned a lot about food. Stretching leftovers to make them nutritious and delicious, adapting recipes for larger groups, or even how adding a little lime juice makes a big difference – these are all little things that Courtney picked up at The North Grove.

“It’s all in the small things; in getting to know people and remembering ‘oh this person doesn’t like that’ or ‘this is that participant’s favourite meal!’”

“I became a monthly donor after volunteering for a while,” Courtney says. “I really believe in this organization and want to support them as much as I can. Monthly giving is so easy on both ends and this is going to feed people; that’s important to me.”

During the uncertainty of the pandemic, the predictability that comes from monthly donations has become even more important to The North Grove.

“We’ve had to remain very nimble to respond to community need,” says Executive Director Wendy Fraser. “In this environment, ongoing funding makes all the difference.”

Courtney cant wait to resume her volunteer role at The North Grove. She is already promising to make us her favourite Herbed Sweet Potato Biscuits!


Giving monthly, even a small amount, makes it possible for us consistently support community needs as they arise. Join our monthly giving program today and be part of our vision for a thriving community.

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